This tiktoker asks people on the street how much they earn and is becoming a sensation

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Let someone ask you how much you earn is considered rude. Not only among strangers, it is an intimate fact that we often do not reveal even to our closest beings. Hannah Williams a Washington DC tiktoker and her boyfriend, Jaume Daniel are becoming famous for breaking this paradigm and taking to the streets to ask people who don’t know just that: how much do you make Contrary to many people’s beliefs, strangers do not respond.

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Interviews with young people on the streets of the city are part of a project called Transparent Street Salary which seeks to encourage the payment of equal wages through open conversations. In many places this practice is still taboo, and perhaps that’s why Williams’ videos have gone viral. Although all the videos have been recorded on the streets of Washington at the moment, the young woman plans to visit other cities in the United States to gather more information.

As the young woman stated on the site Bored Panda, the young woman began posting about her own working conditions in February this year: “I started posting about my unique professional trip to TikTok in February and one of my videos with my staff, pay transparency (I had five jobs in two and a half years) went viral. My followers told me they loved my transparency and also wanted to encourage more people to be transparent. “

Faced with people’s reaction to its transparency, he had the idea to start asking others how much they were earning. Salary Transparenyt Street’s TikTok profile has more than 416,000 followers and also has profiles on other social networks; There is also the official website of the project through which William collects salary information from other users with which it seeks to generate content that helps raise awareness of the importance of taking action to close the wage gap (whether by gender, race, or some other reason) which is a reality in almost every country.

The young woman explains: “If we don’t know what people earn in similar fields of work, how do we compare what our salaries should be? Having these conversations openly helps people better understand what they should ask their employers to do.

In addition to this project, Hannah Williams has another profile called Stocks and Squats where she gives tips for a better life.

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