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Amusement park operator Six Flags (NYSE: SIX) Shares fell (-49%) during the year. The business was severely affected by the pandemic as an epicenter that experienced long downtime. The reopening and elimination of social distancing mandates have allowed the company to accelerate its recovery as revenues increase with a rise in attendance. The company is expanding its margins as revenue rose 68% in the first fiscal quarter of 2022. The world’s largest regional theme park and largest water park operator in North America has been undergoing a transformation. He has been improving his operations, appearances, wi-fi and dining options while reorienting his work culture to focus more on the customer. Six Flags has 27 regional theme parks worldwide with an average of 200 acres per location. The company has more than 900 attractions and 400 roller coasters and accounts for most of the revenue from theme park tickets and other food and merchandise sales. The company is in rebound mode led by a new CEO who is determined to enhance the experiences and satisfaction of the guests as a top priority. Prudent investors looking for exposure before the recovery of amusement park attendance may look for opportunistic setbacks in Six Flags Entertainment shares.

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Publication of results for the first quarter of the financial year 2022

On May 12, 2022, Six Flags released its first quarter 2022 tax results for the quarter ended March 2022. The company reported an adjusted loss of earnings per share (EPS) of (0 , $ 76) excluding non-recurring items versus consensus analyst estimates. for a loss of (-1.06 $), exceeding estimates by $ 0.30. Revenue rose 68.4% year-over-year (YOY) to $ 138.1 million, beating analysts’ estimates of $ 122.26 million. Most parks were not scheduled to open during the first quarter. Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul commented: “Six Flags has been run quickly to improve the guest experience, improve travel performance by increasing uptime and implementing single lanes for drivers on days off. great intensity, improving the staff and training of our team members, improving the appearance of our park, including our front doors, bathrooms and restaurants, providing better food quality and providing more amenities for guests, such as “We have reoriented our culture to prioritize guests in everything we do, and we strongly believe that this will drive significant and sustainable growth in long-term profits.”

Takeaway calls

CEO Bassoul gave color to the continuous improvements they are making to their theme parks. They focus on the highest priority of improving guest experiences and guest satisfaction. The main metric improves the efficiency and comfort of travel by increasing travel per guest and day. For example, he discovered in his first 100 days that 30% of seats are empty every time a trip leaves the station because groups don’t want to split up. To solve this problem, it has implemented single lanes for drivers on their busiest days to allow guests who want to separate to travel alone, which moves the line faster and fills empty seats. He also implemented wireless subscriptions and increased staffing with improved training. They have been updating their front doors for a good first impression and renovating and modernizing their restaurants. The quality of the food has improved with the hiring of a new executive chef and the reimagining of their menus. They’ve improved their best-selling menu items, such as burgers, pizzas, and chicken tendons, while adding healthy options like roast chicken and crispy Asian salads. Six Flags has been adding additional benches and shade, more seating capacity in the dining areas and improving its wi-fi coverage in the parks. Six Flags is also enhancing the digital experience with interactive digital maps and mobile app updates. He concluded: “Finally, we have reoriented our culture to prioritize guests in everything we do. And we fundamentally believe that by focusing all our efforts on continuously improving the guest experience, we will drive significant and sustainable revenue growth throughout the time “.

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SIX opportunistic withdrawal levels

The use of rifle charts in weekly and daily time periods provides an accurate view of the landscape for SIX stock. The downward trend of the weekly rifle chart has a 5-day moving average (MA) resistance at $ 27.30, followed by the 15-period MA at $ 35.23. Weekly lower Bollinger Bands (BB) are close to $ 19.81 Fibonacci level (fib).. The weekly stochastic oscillation collapsed across the band of 20 to try a reverse mini puppy attempt in the band of 10. The weekly Low Market Structure (MSL) breakout-activated purchase up to $ 17.49. The rifle’s daily chart has a downward trend with a 5-period MA falling to $ 22.37, followed by the 15-period MA at $ 26.90 with lower daily BBs at $ 19.37. The daily stochastic fell through the band of 20 to stop in the band of 10 for a mini reverse puppy or a back-up backup. The 50-day daily MA is $ 32.71 and the 200-day daily MA is $ 39.61. Prudent investors can monitor opportunistic withdrawal levels at the $ 19.81 fib level, $ 17.49 daily MSL activator, $ 15.28 fib, $ 13.49 fib and the $ 11.27 fib level. Rising trajectories range from the $ 28.36 fib level to the $ 38.79 fib level.

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