Time is Running Out to Apply for These Small Business Grants in June

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If you want to start or grow a small business this summer, you need the resources to achieve your goals. Small business grants can provide the funds needed to help start, grow, or recover from recent challenges.

Small Business Scholarships Deadline June 2022

This June, there are many opportunities available for small businesses across the country. We’ve compiled a list of grant opportunities for small business owners that expire later this month.

North Carolina Business Recovery Grant Program

The North Carolina Department of the Treasury is implementing a second phase of its business recovery grant program. The program includes $ 200 million in funding for those who lost income due to the pandemic. The amount of each grant will be determined based on a percentage of the financial loss, with a maximum of $ 500,000. This round is open to various businesses, including farms, gyms, salons, doctors and dry cleaners. June 1 is the deadline to submit your application.

Norcross ARPA Small Business Grant Program

Norcross, Georgia and Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs are launching the city’s new small business grant program. The $ 600,000 program is funded through the American Rescue Plan Act to support small businesses affected by COVID-19. Applicants must demonstrate the need for funding and provide documentation on how the money is spent. Applications can be submitted before June 2.

West New York Small Business Grant Program

West New York, New Jersey is supporting small businesses affected by the pandemic with a new grant program. Eligible companies can apply for grants of up to $ 5,000. To be eligible, companies must be up to date with taxes, have no more than 25 employees, and demonstrate difficulties due to VOCID. June 3 is the deadline to submit the application.

Belton Small Business Grants

Belton, Texas, is offering $ 850,000 in COVID-19 relief funds to a new small business grant program. Companies that were financially affected by COVID-19 and have less than 100 employees with a physical location in Belton can apply online. Grant amounts range from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000. Applications can be submitted before June 3.

Speed ​​background

Velocity Fund is a grant program that supports Philadelphia artists. The program includes a broad interpretation of art. Thus, people and companies from a wide variety of fields can apply, from the culinary arts to the art of tattooing. Eligible artists can apply for grants of up to $ 5,000, with an emphasis on experimental or collaborative projects. June 6 is the deadline to submit the application.

Red Bluff Small Business Recovery Grant Program

Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber of Commerce offers grants for COVID recovery to local small businesses. The Small Business Comeback Grant program supports small businesses in Red Bluff, California, which suffered from the pandemic. The program includes $ 100,000 in total funding, which will be distributed in individual grants of $ 5,000. Applications can be submitted by June 10th.


Peoria RISE is a small business grant program that stands for Recovery, Income, Startup, Expansion. The program supports companies in Peoria, Illinois, which were plagued by the pandemic. Companies can apply for grants of up to $ 50,000 to open a retail space, expand staff, or focus on any of the areas the grant focuses on. Eligible companies can apply on the website of the Department of Economic Development of Peoria before June 10.

Initiative Foundation Scholarships

The Initiative Foundation supports smaller businesses in central Minnesota through a unique grant program. Funded by a grant from the Otto Bremer Trust, the $ 500,000 program will provide grants of up to $ 10,000 to support pandemic recovery efforts. The program focuses on companies with five or fewer full-time employees and less than $ 750,000 in gross annual revenue facing barriers to accessing other funding. This includes companies owned by women, veterans and members of the community of color, along with rural and open companies just before the pandemic. The application period closes at noon on June 10.

Comcast WATER

Comcast is awarding $ 5 million in grants to small businesses in five major metropolitan areas. The program prioritizes businesses owned by women and people of color in Detroit, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and twin cities. Eligible companies can apply for grants of $ 10,000, along with consulting services and technology updates. The deadline for applications is June 1 and applications must be submitted by June 14.

Elk County Small Business Grant Program

Elk County, Pennsylvania, makes the funds of the American Rescue Plan Act available to small businesses. The Small Business Assistance Grant program supports companies in Elk County with five or fewer employees who were adversely affected by the pandemic. Grants can range from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000. Applications must be received by June 15 to be considered.

A program for small businesses in North Carolina

The One North Carolina Small Business program offers a new round of small business financing. The organization specifically supports emerging technology companies in the state. The program coincides with federal grants for small business innovation and small business technology transfer programs, while helping state-owned companies prepare their proposals. The application period is open until June 30 or until the funds have been distributed.

Aurora Safety and Security Scholarship Program

Aurora, Colorado, launches new $ 3 million grant program to support security among small local businesses. The Aurora Security and Safety Grants Program will fund security and safety improvements, such as lighting, alarms, and front doors. City-approved contractors must complete the work, and eligible applicants will go through an evaluation with Aurora Police Department to approve possible upgrades. Grant funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis, with a final June 30 deadline.

Wisconsin High Street Bounce Program

Wisconsin’s Main Street Bounceback program includes $ 34 million in small business grants. Eligible companies can apply for grants of $ 10,000. Specifically, the program is aimed at companies that move to empty commercial spaces. Companies that do so by the end of June can apply through one of the Wisconsin Economic Development Center’s regional partners.

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