Titans make the cut, Bills drop in Colin Cowherd’s ‘Herd Hierarchy’

Colin CowherdThe “Hierarchy of the Herd” continues to be fluid as the top teams in the NFL swing back and forth.

For starters, the Buffalo Bills dropped a couple of spots last week and did it again this week after losing their second game in a row. Meanwhile, a new team has entered the fray. Did anyone else slip?

Here’s the “Hierarchy of the Herd” heading into Week 11, with information from Bet FOX.

Hierarchy of the Herd: Titans Make the Cut, Counts Fall in Colin’s Top 10 Week 11

Hierarchy of the Herd: Titans Make the Cut, Counts Fall in Colin's Top 10 Week 11

Colin Cowherd reveals his top 10 teams heading into Week 11.

10. Tennessee Titans (Last Week: Unrated)

Global Registration: 6-3 | Last week: The Titans won 17-10 against the Denver Broncos

Colin’s thoughts: “I think Tennessee is the best coached team in the league. How do the Arrowhead Chiefs get to overtime without a first down in the second half? They’re 6-1 in their last seven games. Their defense is the league’s best on third down, and Derrick Henry … he’s had 100 yards in five of his last six games. And they’ve done it with a broken quarterback spot.”

Championship Odds: +2800

Until next time: Titans @ Packers (8:15 p.m. ET Thursday, Amazon)

9. Dallas Cowboys (Last week: 7)

Global Registration: 6-3 | Last week: The Cowboys lost 31-28 against the Green Bay Packers

Colin’s thoughts: “Were they exposed? Well, they had four penalties in 15 snaps in overtime — welcome to their reality. They’re great at getting to the quarterback and creating pressure, but — and it has to be said — Dak has been atrocious on third down — and quarterback throws this year. They’re not a good situational football team. I don’t think you can win multiple playoff games if you’re not great in the situation.”

Championship Odds: +1500

Until next time: Cowboys @ Vikings (4:25 p.m. ET Sunday, CBS)

8. Baltimore Ravens (Last week: 9)

Global Registration: 6-3 | Last week: Bye (Ravens won 27-13 against New Orleans Saints in Week 9)

Colin’s thoughts: “I love everything about them. They drive me crazy. Only team in the league to lead by more than 10 points in every game. Eight games in a row with at least 150 yards rushing … that hasn’t been done since the mid- 80s. . They’re like Philadelphia, but they’ve been at it for years and years. Lamar’s a playmaker. They’re a little healthier, but they’ve had key injuries: Gus Edwards, Mark Andrews, Rashod Bateman. They’re perpetually beat up, but in the big games, Lamar and John Harbaugh win a lot of them.”

Championship Odds: +1200

Until next time: Panthers at Ravens (1:00 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

7. Buffalo Bills (last week: 5)

Global Registration: 6-3 | Last week: The Bills lost 33-30 to the Minnesota Vikings

Colin’s thoughts: “They’re the playoff artist without a jab and movement. They’re a flawed team. Josh Allen leads the NFL with 10 picks and three in the red zone. Brian Daboll leaves, this team isn’t that good in the second half offensively, they’re not that good in the red zone. And Josh Allen’s last three games, it’s not accurate. He’s completing 58 percent of his throws.”

Championship Odds: +375

Until next time: Browns at Bills (1:00 p.m. ET Sunday, CBS)

6. Miami Dolphins (Last week: 8)

Global Registration: 7-3 | Last week: Dolphins won 39-17 against Cleveland Browns

Colin’s thoughts: “I think they’re as real as they’re going to be. They’re 7-0 when Tua’s healthy. I think they’ve got one of the smart young coaches in football. Tua’s touchdown-to-interception ratio, it’s very Drew Brees, who was his compensation coming out of college and I thought it was crazy. He just doesn’t throw an interception. He has three giveaways all year. So they know what they are, they do it well.”

Championship Odds: +1700

Until next time: Bye

5. Cincinnati Bengals (Last week: 3)

Global Registration: 5-4| Last week: Bye (won 42-21 vs. Carolina Panthers in Week 9)

Colin’s thoughts: “I think this is the one team Kansas City doesn’t want to play. The No. 1 scoring team in the league since Week 6. Joe Burrow is one of three quarterbacks who completes 70 percent of his throws, and they’re doing now without Ja’Marr Chase. If Joe Mixon and this O-Line can run the football consistently, they could beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead. I don’t think there are many teams that qualify for that. I don’t know if Tua could go there. up there and do it. I don’t think Buffalo can do it now. Cincinnati is a handful, and since you can’t name three of their defensive players, we’re going to overlook them, it’s a real defense. Like, the second half, good luck scoring them.”

Championship Odds: +2500

Until next time: Bengals @ Steelers (4:25 p.m. ET Sunday, CBS)

4. Minnesota Vikings (Last week: 6)

Global Registration: 8-1 | Last week: The Vikings won 33-30 against the Buffalo Bills

Colin’s thoughts: “They’re getting to a bit of Philadelphia where they’re winning the turnover battle a lot, and those things usually have a ceiling. But we’ve got to be realistic here. They’re 8-1, they’re winning. Close games. You know, we’re talking about Brian Daboll, how about this coach, senior Sean McVay? They’ve been great in the situation. Now, I don’t think their defense is great. They’ve generated some key pass rush, but I still think there are limitations. . They’re the type of team you could score over the top of quickly, I think. They could outplay you and you can beat them, but right now they’re winning the next.”

Championship Odds: +1100

Until next time: Cowboys @ Vikings (4:25 p.m. ET Sunday, CBS)

3. San Francisco 49ers (Last week: 4)

Global Registration: 5-4| Last week: The 49ers won 22-16 against the Los Angeles Chargers

Colin’s thoughts: “I love the Niners. I think they’re the most talented team in the league. The No. 1 total defense, No. 2 in yardage differential, held each of their last two opponents scoreless in the second half. They have a Pro Bowl level. every unit player on the field. And they’re getting guys back: Elijah Mitchell, Deebo Samuel, they got their fullback. Jimmy Garoppolo’s not the type of guy that’s going to bring you back from 17, but they have He hasn’t lost a game when he hasn’t had a selection. There is a way to play to win, but physically they are very good.”

Championship Odds: +800

Until next time: 49ers @ Cardinals (8:15 p.m. ET Monday, ESPN)

2. Philadelphia Eagles (Last week: 1)

Global Registration: 8-1 | Last week: Eagles lost 32-21 against Washington Commanders

Colin’s thoughts: “I don’t feel any different about Philadelphia today. I just think it shines a light on the truth that if they don’t win the rebounding battle and trail in the second half, they’re not Kansas City. It’s a very good football team. They’re not going to nowhere. From J-Mac’s point of view, they lost a crucial inside linebacker, and now teams are running at them. But they’re the only team in the league. [with a] the top five in attack and the top five in defense. And I have no real criticism other than that teams like Philly and Minnesota don’t win the turnover battle every game.”

Championship Odds: +600

Until next time: Eagles @ Colts (1:00 p.m. ET Sunday, CBS)

1. Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 2)

Global Registration: 7-2 | Last week: The Chiefs won 27-17 against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Colin’s thoughts: “That’s how good Kansas City is: They’re 27th in turnover differential, -4, and still the best team in the league. Patrick Mahomes has thrown a touchdown to 10 different receivers. When you get the perfect combination of superstar coach. , superstar quarterback, you’re losing the recovery battle, you had to rebuild the defense three years ago, the O-Line two years ago, the wide receiver room this year, and it doesn’t affect them at all. Us. Sens without a doubt, I’m looking for the most talented quarterback ever. Arguably, after Bill Walsh, the smartest offensive coach ever.”

Championship Odds: +450

Until next time: Chiefs @ Chargers (8:20 p.m. ET Sunday, NBC)

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