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Contributed by Ethan King, a member of the Organization of Entrepreneurs (EO) who has held many leadership positions within EO, including the chapter president of EO Atlanta. It’s a bestseller authormain speaker and co-founder of The closet of Zeus, in addition to running clothing, fitness, e-commerce and real estate businesses. As a GLC influencer, Ethan shared his 2022 real-time GLC experience EO Instagram during part of the event in Washington, DC. We asked you to share your best GLC moments:

Last week I attended the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) of the Entrepreneurial Organization (EO) in Washington, DC. This was my eighth GLC event. As a 20-year-old entrepreneur who attends many conferences, GLC continues to offer the most transformative experience each year. With so many things going on, it can be hard to document every moment, but here are my top ten from GLC 2022:

1. How to improve your memory

One of the core values ​​of EO is the “learning thirst”. Jim Kwik taught us useful ways to learn and retain more information. For example, use the acronym MOM to help you remember names:

  • Motivation: Ask yourself, “Why is it important to remember this person’s name?”
  • Observation: shut up; pay attention to what the person is saying.
  • Methods: Improve your brain by eating brain food, sleeping properly, exercising, and managing stress.

2. How to become a supermodel

Miranda Naiman of EO Tanzania interviewed Tyra Banks. One of the questions that resonated most with me was, “How do you go from model to supermodel?” Tyra’s response surprised me. The “super” in “supermodel” does not come from luck and good genes, but from a deliberate business strategy. Start with the ending in mind. Tyra’s mother observed that a traditional modeling career has an expiration date, so she encouraged Tyra to expand her personal brand influence through film, television, social media, and business. Tyra is now respected first as a business and thought leader, transcending the stigma of being known only as a role model.

3. Repentance is really good for you

I will be the first to admit that “without regret” is a mantra for which I live. When Dan Pink challenged this idea, I was a little skeptical at first. But at the end of his powerful talk, I learned that there are four basic regrets and that our regrets show us our true values.

  1. The Foundation regrets: “If only I had done the job”
  2. Boldness laments, “If only I had taken the opportunity.”
  3. Moral lament: “If only I had done the right thing.”
  4. Connection laments, “If only he had put his hand on me.”

Think of these as film negatives through which to look at your life and perhaps make different decisions. We can also empower others if we are transparent about our repentance.

4. How to have a great party

EO is known for producing first-rate, once-in-a-lifetime social experiences, and GLC 2022 did not disappoint. As an eight-year-old who attends many global events, I’ve noticed that one of EO’s flagship moves is to take over an entire venue and transform it into an immersive environment, exclusively for members and guests. of EO. For GLC 2022, we took care of the entire National Portrait Gallery with open bars, buffets, live music and beautiful art on all levels.

5. Changing the world costs a lot less than you think

Mick Ebeling, founder and CEO of Not Impossible, shared his heart-wrenching mission to change the world one person at a time. In one of his many heartfelt stories, his team built a fully functional arm prosthesis for a child who had lost his arms in a bomb blast, for only US $ 100. How? When you are determined, you will make a path. Commit and then find out.

6. You can’t start a billion dollar mark

Or, as UGG Australia co-founder Brian Smith puts it, “You can’t give birth to adults.” Smith took us to the roller coaster of his entrepreneurial journey from being a broken surfer selling boots on the beach to making UGG a billion dollar a year business and all the near-death experiences in the along the way. Smith says your brand grows so big as it aligns with social change. You can’t predict it, but you can be prepared for it.

7. We need human touch and connection

This was the first GLC in person since 2019. After three years, I almost forgot how good it feels to shake hands and hug old and new friends. Because I had been accustomed to meeting people through small Zoom windows for so long, seeing people face to face made me feel bigger than life.

8. How to grow your business by talking in more stages

Advance Your Reach’s Pete Vargas taught us the power of telling our story in other people’s digital and physical settings, to maximize revenue and impact. While some may feel intimidated to speak in public, there is a system for developing a signature talk, and EO members can learn this process through an immersive five-day training called Global Speakers Academy. Vargas also offered us an invaluable free resource that lists hundreds of steps from which you can speak, organized by experience in the field:

9. How to create a metavers strategy for your business

I’ll be the first to admit that I found the world of Web3, NFT, crypto, smart contracts, and the very mysterious blockchain, and I had been thinking, “How does this apply to my business?” Lisa Andrews, a member of EO Sydney, led a workshop that guided us step by step through the creation of a metavers strategy and, judging by the full room, I wasn’t the only one who it scratched my head at first. But Andrews broke it all down in a fun and easy to understand way. I came up with ideas on how to create social status, identity and belonging, personal meaning, and usefulness to my clients through tokenized assets. If you’re new to this as I am, start by exploring OpenSea, then create your digital portfolio with Coinbase or Metamask, and then implement your strategy with OpenSea or Chainlink.

10. Entrepreneurs are a force for good

I was deeply moved to see videos of EO leaders on the ground in Poland and Romania, helping Ukrainian refugees recover. Not only that, but EO members around the world have raised millions of dollars to help pay for food, lodging, clothing, medicine, teachers’ salaries, and much more from refugees. This aligns perfectly with EO’s new statement of purpose: to move the world forward by unlocking the power of entrepreneurship.

The GLC 2022 was a magical event. I could continue for days on the shocking connections and conversations I had with other attendees. I look forward to meeting you at the next GLC, or another EO event someday. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

Ethan King is a dynamic speaker who shares his journey from starving artist to CEO of multiple seven-digit brands. Ethan’s work has appeared Oprah, and has appeared on the cover of Best Self magazine. He specializes in training high-performing professionals around the world. Ethan was the author of the best-selling international book number 1, Wealth Beyond Money: Unlock the 6 Dimensions of Success for Wealth in All Areas of Your Lifeand he is passionate about it you really have it all.

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