Top 10 Businesses for Sale in July

Owning a business is one of the best ways to increase your financial situation, even during these difficult economic times. As a business owner, you are more likely to take advantage of opportunities and grow your assets even more. The top 10 companies on sale in July highlight a number of industries with opportunities across the country.

From a restaurant to a nationally recognized dive center, a winery and a recovery center, businesses for sale in July include some excellent options and opportunities.

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Top 10 companies on sale in July

BizBuySell has some big business on sale this month. So if you’re looking for an established business or are just looking, here’s what’s available.

Christmas lighting: commercial and residential

Seasonal business is money cows, and this Christmas Lighting – Commercial and Residential is no different. Created in 2012, this seasonal holiday lighting business has an incredible 95% customer retention rate. And it has experienced double-digit growth for the last 10 consecutive years. With only four months of operation a year, it makes more money than many companies in an entire year. The sale includes inventory and the owner will offer three weeks of training.

The business is located in Mount Pleasant, SC with a asking price of $ 1,650,000. Gross revenue is $ 605,000 with a cash flow of $ 450,000.

Bar / Restaurant with properties included

In business for decades, this Bar / Restaurant also includes properties in the sale price. The 9,500-square-foot building includes a kitchen, a large indoor and outdoor bar, stage, dance floor, bathrooms and ample seating for guests. The bar offers evening entertainment that includes games, live music, karaoke, dancing, pool tables and more.

The company is located in Lake Havasu City, AZ, with a sale price of $ 4,750,000 and gross revenue of $ 2,446,816.

Nationally recognized dive center adventure business

Nationally recognized dive center adventure business

As for fun companies, this nationally recognized dive center adventure business fits the bill. Since 1990, this has been a world-class diving shop and an adventure travel business. It offers diving classes, guided dives, tour packages, group events, environmental classes, equipment sales and rentals for all levels of diving and summer. The sale includes the property along with more than $ 500,000 in non-real estate assets and well-trained staff.

The business is located in Florida with a sale price of $ 2,200,000. Gross income is $ 1,229,553 with a cash flow of $ 310,000.

Popular boutique hotel

Founded in 1960, this popular boutique hotel is a tourist destination with over 2 million annual visitors. It is so popular that 2021 was the busiest year in history, even in the midst of the pandemic. Located on the main street in the center, the rental includes a specific car park for hotel guests. Rooms include simple and pleasant suites with jacuzzis. The owner will provide the appropriate training for all aspects of the operation.

The business is located in Leavenworth, WA, with a asking price of $ 850,000. Gross income is $ 650,000 with a cash flow of $ 200,000.

Floral shop

Floral shop

This is a full service Boutique Floral Shop, guests include individual guests, corporate guests, weddings, funerals and special events. The sale includes $ 150,000 of marketable inventory along with accessories, equipment and a vehicle. The seller will stay up to 14 days to facilitate the transition of ownership.

The business is located in Sarasota County, FL with a asking price of $ 640,000. Gross income is $ 1,085,255 with a cash flow of $ 232,911.

Supermarket / Convenience Store

Groceries, convenient store

This grocery / practice shop specializes in Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and Arab groceries. This includes halal meat with a season of frozen meat and burgers, hot dogs, chicken pies, and more. It is also licensed to sell NY Lotto. The store has recently been renovated with additional space to operate a deli for sandwiches, smoothies, salads and more.

The business is located in the Bronx, New York, with a asking price of $ 230,000. Gross income is $ 1,250,000 with a cash flow of $ 220,000.

OENO Cellar

As part of a consolidated franchise, Winery OENO has existed since 2013. Currently, the winery has distribution with several stores, as well as a thriving website with an average of 60,000 monthly visits to Google and an average rating of 4.8. The sale includes inventory along with all the equipment needed to run the business. In addition, the seller will remain on site for up to four weeks to train the buyer in production, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

The company is located in Kailua, HI, with a retail price of $ 999,999. Gross income is $ 650,000 with a cash flow of $ 650,000.

Popcorn on the moon

Coming more than popcorn, Over the Moon Popcorn is paradise for anyone with a taste for sweets. From varieties of popcorn to nostalgic soft drinks, old-fashioned sweets and fun novelty drinks, this store has it all. The store has been voted the best chocolate and candy store in the county in 2020 and 2021. The inventory is included in the asking price along with a week of training and business transition.

The business is located in San Marcos, TX, with a asking price of $ 195,000. Gross income is $ 2450,000 with a cash flow of $ 84,283.


This bowling restaurant-bar has been growing since it was established in 1986. The business offers a dining room, a bar / lounge and a bowling alley and is known for the “best pizza in the land of the north”. In addition to food, the business has 5 bowling leagues, 4 darts leagues, a beanbag league and a volleyball league for customers throughout the year. Guests also include cabin owners, fishermen, hunters, campers, golfers and many more.

The company is located in Deer Riv, MN, with a sale price of $ 1,100,000 and gross revenue is $ 950,000.

Drug-Assisted Luxury Addiction Recovery Center

This drug-assisted luxury addiction recovery center is a high-profit business in a recession-proof industry with very high demand. It is a six-bed facility that offers personalized care and a professional license. Income is paid almost entirely by out-of-network PPOs and medical insurers.

The business is located in Encino, CA with a asking price of $ 5,500,000. Gross income is $ 2,800,000 with a cash flow of $ 1,500,000.

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