Top 5 Small Businesses to Start This 2023

If you want to be truly successful in your job or career, you will never achieve that amount of success being an employee, where you owe someone else for your work and your finances. Although there may be some risks involved, starting your own small business can be life-changing and may be just the leap you need to take control of your life and career.

If you’re looking for a new business to start, here are five small businesses that could be profitable in 2023.

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What is a small business?

Before starting your new business, it’s important to understand what a small business is. A small business is any type of business that has fewer than 100 employees and less than $5 million in sales. This includes sole proprietorships and partnerships, as well as corporations with fewer than 100 shareholders (or shareholders).

A small business must also be incorporated or organized under state law and meet minimum size requirements, meaning it must have at least one employee who earns at least $5,000 annually or have a 50% or more ownership interest in the business. your corporation (if they are a single person).

If you want to learn more, you can continue reading why you should start a small business or check out the top 5 small businesses we recommend you check out and maybe even start.

1. Dryer ventilation cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is a service that small businesses can provide, and there are many different ways to do it. The best way to start your own dryer vent cleaning business is to find an established company that already offers this service in your area, or consider joining one that does.

If you decide to start your own business, keep these tips in mind:

  • Know what type of equipment and supplies are needed for the job; this will help ensure that customers get their money’s worth when using your services.
  • Ensure that all workers follow safety rules at all times; accidents happen quickly when working with electricity!

2. Plumbing repair

Plumbing repairs are a great business for someone with experience in the trade. If you have skills and experience that can help people save money on their plumbing bills, this is a perfect way to start your own business.

If you are looking for an easy way to make money, then plumbing repairs may be just what you need! There is no need for expensive equipment or complicated procedures; all that is required is a basic understanding of how things work under the sink (or out).

Plumbing repair jobs are often low-paying jobs because of their simplicity, but they allow people who don’t yet have experience in this field to access opportunities without having to invest too much upfront capital to start something new, such as opening a restaurant or storefront, where they would need more initial funds before seeing profits return through the sales revenue generated during the opening period (which usually lasts about six months).

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3. Window tinting

Window tinting is a great way to make money. It’s easy to get started and doesn’t require much investment. You can start with a small investment, sell window tinting services to people who need it, and learn how to do it yourself with online training or videos.

Window tinting is a great way to earn income while staying at home during business hours or even watching TV in the evening after work! You don’t need any fancy equipment or skills; just a little privacy film on your windows will give your business lots of leads!

4. Commercial covers

Commercial roofing is a growing industry. The commercial roofing services market was estimated at $35 billion in 2016, and this number is expected to grow by 26% annually through 2023.

Commercial roofs are important to building owners because they provide protection against water damage, prevent leaks during storms or heavy rain (if the roof has been installed properly), and help maintain the appearance of your property. However, installing a new commercial roof can be expensive, upwards of $15 per square foot (or $1 million per acre). In addition, you must consider all the other costs associated with having one installed: labor costs; materials such as asphalt shingles or metal panels; structural engineering calculations required by state agencies if there are problems with the integrity of the existing structure; etc!

5. General Services of the Contractor

A general contractor is a person who specializes in the construction and renovation of buildings. They may also be involved in other aspects of the construction industry, such as planning and design.

General contractors often work on their own or as part of a team, but they can also be hired by larger companies. Most general contractors work on commercial projects such as office buildings, hotels, and restaurants. In addition to these types of projects, there are many other types that require skilled workers: schools, hospitals/doctors’ offices (such as doctor’s offices), retail stores (such as grocery stores), office buildings; even stadiums and arenas!

There are many benefits associated with being a general contractor, including:

  1. You get paid to complete projects faster than if you were working independently;
  2. You have more control over what happens during construction;
  3. You get paid even when no work has been completed because most contracts will include payment on completion;
  4. It’s easier than ever because technology has made things easier than ever, which means less stress in stressful times;
  5. It is fun!

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There are many ways to start a new business

There are many ways to start a new business. You can do it from home, part-time or with a partner or friend. You can also do it alone or with family members (in some cases).

There are many different ways to start your own business at this point in history. Whichever path you choose will depend on the type of business you want to create and the amount of capital available to invest in that business.


You’ve decided it’s time to start your own business. Maybe you’re starting a new business, or maybe you’re expanding an existing idea. Whatever the case, there are many ways to start a new business.

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