Up To $30K in Grants for Small Businesses Facing Challenges

So what small business isn’t facing challenges these days? With economic indicators declining by many metrics, small businesses face many challenges. And the grants provide some relief for those lucky enough to be approved. But first, they have to apply, which is the best advice if you want to get financial help this way.

Remember that if you do not apply, you will not be eligible for a grant. Apply and you will have improved your odds much more. And with that in mind, this week’s summary grants seek to help companies meet the challenges they face.

In several states, there are grants that address a number of issues to help small businesses. This includes start-up costs, improving local shop windows, recovering the workforce, training, safe operations, hiring and more. The key, as always, with grants, is to make sure you follow the instructions strictly. This will ensure that your application is not discarded even before it is considered. Another important point is to deliver the app as soon as possible. Good luck!

In related news, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is soliciting contributions on COVID grants and loans for small businesses. Participation in the survey can provide information on how the SBA awards grants and stay abreast of any future funding opportunities.

News summary for small businesses: June 24, 2022

Also be sure to stay informed about other small business news by taking a look at the rest of this week’s summary:

Denny’s is committed to the black franchise business ownership program

Denny’s recently announced a commitment to the Pathways to Black Franchise Ownership program created by the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA).

Amazon announces Prime Day 2022 from July 12-13

Amazon’s Prime Day 2022 has been announced from July 12-13, and it will be a good time for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get great deals on items they may need.

SCORE analysis shows LGBTQ + small businesses contribute $ 1.4 trillion to US economy

The 1.4 million LGBTQ + entrepreneurs in the United States are being honored during Pride Month by SCORE, small business mentors, and a resource partner from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). SCORE analysis shows that LGBTQ + small businesses contribute $ 1.4 trillion to the US economy This is a good time to celebrate the efforts of $ 1 LGBTQ + small businesses.

Barry Moltz on making changes to your business

Small business owners face various threats to the survival of their business, such as technology and changes in customer tastes. Change management can help a small business survive in a sea of ​​competition. What is change management? To thrive and grow, a business must change and grow. This is what change management is all about.

Mortgage rates make the biggest weekly jump historically, the highest since 2008

Mortgage rates have risen this week, rising more than half a percentage point. Figures shown in the FreddieMac Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS) show that as of June 16, the average rate on a 30-year loan is now 5.78%, up from 5.23 %.

Feds raises interest rate by 0.75%

The Fed raised interest rates by 75% this week. This is not good news, especially since it comes after the 50% increase in May. Another Federal Reserve meeting is scheduled for the end of July and economists predict that interest rates will rise again before the end of the year, to 1.75%.

Why your employees are the target of hackers

For small business owners, cybersecurity is an even bigger issue this year with so many employees working from home. According to Fundera, 40% of all small businesses will experience an attack and the cost to the company of hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the most important issues is password protection.

How to protect yourself from inflation in 2022

As a small business owner, you need to plan ahead and anticipate changes in the economy that may affect your business. As in times of high inflation. If you are not prepared for this, it could seriously affect your benefits. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help isolate your business from rising prices. In this article, we will summarize some of them.

Why is inflation so high right now?

Inflation is an urgent issue in the minds of economists and policymakers. It has been on the rise all over the world, with no country seem immune to its effects. So what’s behind this worrying trend and why does it seem to be getting worse? This article will explore some potential causes of inflation in 2022.

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