USFL’s best trash talk: Players share their top lines from the field

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Garbage has become one of the most prominent parts of any sporting event.

Some of the USFL’s star players sat down with FOX Sports to share the best trash talk they’ve had — and what they’ve let go in return — while on the field.

Here are some of the main lines they shared:

Funniest trash talk in the USFL

Funniest trash talk in the USFL

USFL players share memories of some of the funniest lines they’ve heard — and delivered — on the football field.

Birmingham Stallions linebacker Scooby Wright is not only a defending champion, but also a family favorite. He made sure his opponents knew it too: “I told someone he was his mother’s favorite football player.”

For New Orleans Breakers linebacker Jerod Fernandez, his whistles at opponents are less thought out. “I think I told someone ‘go do the laundry’ once. I don’t know where it came from. It worked, it made them laugh.”

Although Michigan Panthers running back Reggie Corbin wasn’t involved in the beating, he shares the funniest insult he’s heard. “The funniest talk I’ve heard on the field was two guys standing face to face, and one guy just says ‘breath stinks’ and then walks away.”

Breakers quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson believes the nice guys are the ones to watch out for. He stated, “The funniest ones are when they’re nice. They hit you really hard, and then they’re really nice and super polite when they pick you up. Those are the guys that make you uncomfortable because they can flip the switch when they’re out there.”

Others, like Stallions QB J’Mar Smith, are on the receiving end of the chatter. “The talk I always get is that I look like (the rapper) Common.”

Trash talk isn’t limited to outfielders either. New Jersey Generals QB DeAndre Johnson and RB Darius Victor have heard some of the best trash talk from fans on the sidelines. Johnson explained: “The whole band was like, ‘Hey man, it’s not ‘Last Chance U,’ that’s not Netflix man.’ A lot of people use that, watching me on Netflix to try and get under my skin.”

Meanwhile, Victor heard from fans: “The fans were like ‘Hey, number 7, we know you’re good, but you still hurt.’ In the first quarter, the same guy said, “Hey, number 7, will you transfer us?”

However, not everyone on the field faces each other during the game. According to Pittsburgh Maulers defensive lineman Boogie Roberts, players in the trenches don’t have the same energy to argue with each other: “Us big guys are tired, we don’t really talk too much.”

And some of the chatter on the field is simply NSFW. Memphis Showboats WR Vinny Papale didn’t reveal his best lines saying, “I’m not sure it’s safe to play, but you hear some fun stuff out there.”

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