Wealth Lead Generation Offers a No-BS System for Increasing Sales

Before a small business can serve tons of paying customers, they need contacts. But gathering those leads can be time-consuming. So it helps to outsource or use an automated system.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what Wealth Lead Generation offers. The company specifically serves finance professionals. And these companies can enjoy leads from simple and one-time campaigns. Read the story below in this week’s Small Business Benchmark.

What does the business do?

It offers advertising and lead generation services for companies.

Founder Maria Popova told Small Business Trends, “We designed a lead generation system that helps finance professionals attract new clients on autopilot.”

Business niche

Offering reliable and automated results.

Says Popova: “The system guarantees business owners predictable results, such as an average ROI of 250% on done-for-you advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn.”

How the business started

by accident

Popova completed an exchange semester in Austria during college and had trouble finding a job there. So he explored online remote opportunities. This led to his first writing gig. And added an additional service for customers over time. Eventually, he had a full-service agency. Now, it has a team of five people and offers a wide variety of services for financial professionals.

Biggest victory

Helping clients achieve massive results.

Specifically, the team helped a FinTech startup raise seven figures in less than three months. To achieve this goal, they focused on social media growth, PR and influencer marketing.

The biggest risk

Jump into the business with little experience.

Adds Popova: “We all jumped in before we were ready. But having each other’s backs during the toughest times helped us a lot.”

lesson learned

Focus on important tasks.

Popova says the team would focus more on delegation and systems early on. This would free up more time to build real relationships with customers and partners.

How they would spend an extra $100,000

Fight against poverty.

Popova explains: “We support organizations that help eradicate poverty and illiteracy by donating a percentage of our profits annually. An additional $100,000 would help make that change faster.”

What the business is known for

A no BS attitude towards marketing and advertising.

Popova adds: “We do everything we can to maximize the value of every penny that our clients (many of whom are financial professionals and investors) spend on their business growth. One of our signatures is the monetization of social media channels. Simply put, we help our clients start generating revenue through social media as soon as humanly possible.”

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Image: Wealth Lead Generation, Maria Popova

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