What are Instagram Guides? [+ How to Create One]

If you’re on Spotify, you’ve probably selected a playlist with all of your favorite songs and reordered them in a specific order. But did you know that you can do something similar on Instagram?

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Enter the Instagram Guide – A tool that lets you select your favorite Instagram, Reels, or Lives posts in a location that you can share with your community. For marketers, it’s a great way to relive old content, promote products, and present your brand.

Let’s take a closer look at Instagram guides, how you can take advantage of them in your marketing strategy and how to make one in six steps.

What is an Instagram guide?

In short, an Instagram guide is a collection of posts, reels, or lives, either from your own channel or others.

Instagram Guides

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All guides revolve around a single topic, story, or idea. For example, you can create a gift guide, a product summary, or an exercise routine, but more on that later.

Once you’ve created a guide, it will be displayed under a public tab in your profile that users can visit at any time. You can also share it in your Instagram story for more visibility.

There are three types of guides on Instagram: sites, products, and posts.

  • Places is for sharing travel-related or location-specific content. For example, you can share your route by road or your favorite coffee shops in location X.

    Example: The most Instagrammable sites in Phoenix.

  • Products is for displaying products from Instagram stores. You can create anything from product tutorials to lists of your favorite products or brands.

    Example: My 8 must-have products for sensitive skin.

  • Publications is for articles, comments, or anything interesting that you have shared or saved with others. This type focuses less on the visuals and more on your storytelling skills.

    Example: How To Create A Healthy Morning Routine.

With a solid understanding of guides, let’s talk about the benefits of using them in your Instagram marketing.

Instagram Marketing Guides

Instagram has countless features for marketers, but what makes the guides stand out from the crowd?

Here are the key benefits of using Instagram guides in your marketing:

1. Relive your old content

Instagram content has a short life cycle. After pressing the “Publish” button (and see how they approach for a day or two), your content is in your feed, collecting dust.

With the guides, you can highlight your past content. When a user clicks on an individual post in your guide, it directs them to the original post, giving it new life.

2. Generate traffic to your blog or website.

Guides are a great way to share your tips, tricks, tips, and recommendations on specific topics, but you shouldn’t reveal them all.

Instead, use the guide to summarize one or two points from your blog posts; then encourage users to visit your blog for more details (or tips). This way, you can direct traffic to your other channels.

3. Introduce your brand.

Instagram guides are a great way to introduce your brands and values ​​to new and existing customers. Use them to highlight social responsibility work, new milestones, backstage content, or new initiatives.

For example, the Vestiaire Collective fashion market highlights its brand values ​​by publishing guides on building more sustainable clothing and the power of recycling.


4. Take advantage of user-generated content.

With the guides, you can combine content from other users with your own, which provides an opportunity to take advantage of user-generated content.

For example, suppose you have a brand of sunglasses. You can create a guide entitled, for example, “The trendiest sunglasses of 2022” that contains photos of your customers carrying your products. What better way to take advantage of the UGC, promote your products and attract new customers, all at once.

5. Promote your products without too much sales.

If you’re having trouble promoting your products without looking like an informational marketer, Instagram guides are a great way to achieve that balance.

Return to the example of sunglasses above: If you create a guide for your new collection, you could add value to the reader by including tips, tricks, or tips in the guide. Then put a title in your guide in a way that puts value on the front and center, such as “How to Design Big Sunglasses.”

This is a way to subtly promote your products without being the focus.

How to make a guide on Instagram

Creating a guide is relatively straightforward, but you’ll need the latest version of Instagram before you begin. It’s also a good idea to brainstorm what kind of guide you want to create and take note of the content you want to include. Then follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your Instagram profile and tap the plus (+) button. This opens a menu with options for what you can post on Instagram. Tap “Guide.”


2. Then tap the type of Instagram guide you want to create. You can choose between Sites, Products or Publications.


3. Select the content you want to add to your guide. Content may be shared or saved by others.


4. From here, you’ll need to write down some details about your guide, including the title and summary. You will also need to upload a cover photo if you want to change the one provided by Instagram.


5. As you scroll through the guide, add titles and descriptions, comments, or thoughts to each post.


6. When you’re happy with the guide, click Share.

Instagram guides refer to content reuse. So take a look at your feed and find new stories you can tell. Take advantage of the tips in this article to turn your guides into an effective marketing strategy to capture users, promote your products, and present your brand.

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