What are LG IMs and Why Do They Keep Stopping? How to Fix

Last year, LG phone lovers received some not-so-good news: after nearly six consecutive years and $ 4.5 billion in losses due to software and hardware problems, the South Korean company announced that it would abandon mobile phone competition and leave. the rest to its main rivals, Apple and Samsung.

At the time, LG said its existing customers could still count on support service and software updates “for a period of time that will vary by region.”

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But those who own an LG phone that owns T-Mobile have had recent problems, as Reddit users report receiving a “LG IMS has stopped” message that persists even when discarded numerous times. With just a few seconds to go before the message reappears, the error makes a variety of LG phones on the T-Mobile network basically useless, and unfortunately attempts by users to find a solution by restarting or restarting devices are not. they have been successful so far.

What does the message “LG IMS has stopped” appear on LG devices?

The message of LG phones refers to the IMS framework, which routes phone calls and SMS messages over data networks, basically making it possible for users to make phone calls and send texts via LTE and 5G. Because only LG owners who trust T-Mobile encounter the error, it appears that IMS services are being implemented incorrectly on this operator’s network specifically.

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How LG mobile users can fix the “LG IMS has stopped” issue on T-Mobile

While T-Mobile and LG are investigating the issue, some users have already shared a workaround on Reddit.

First, set the phone to airplane mode, as this will prevent the error message from appearing repeatedly. Then go to ‘Settings’, press ‘Applications and notifications’, and select ‘Application information’.

Next, you’ll want to tap the three-point menu in the upper-right corner, enable “Show System,” and choose com.lge.ims.rcsprovider from the list that appears. A detailed overview will appear; tap “Clear cache”, “Clear storage” and “Force stop” in that order.

You may need to repeat the fourth step several times to stop the error message permanently.

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