What Is Apple Arcade (2022): Pricing, Features, and Best Games

If you have yet to set foot in the Apple Arcade, then maybe it’s time you did. Apple Arcade is an easy and affordable way to play popular games on your iPhone and other Apple devices. It might not be the most popular game subscription service out there, but it has reshaped mobile gaming to some extent and is home to a handful of great exclusives.

Whether you subscribe to Apple Arcade or PlayStation Plus, you can enhance your gaming experience with some of our other buying guides, from the best gaming headsets to the best mobile game controllers.

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What does Apple Arcade include and how much is it?

Apple Arcade offers about 180 games for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. The library is a mix of exclusive titles developed especially for Apple Arcade and popular games available in the regular app store and on other platforms. There are no ads or in-app purchases in Apple Arcade, and games that typically contain them are ad-free with unlocked extra content.

If you want to subscribe, you can pay $5 a month or $50 a year (£5 and £50 respectively in the UK). You can share a subscription with up to five other family members. Each person can download, install and play different games, as if they had an individual subscription.

How to subscribe to Apple Arcade

It’s easy to set up a subscription on your Apple device. This is how:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac.
  2. Tap or click on arcade tab
  3. Depending on whether you’ve tried Apple Arcade before, you’ll have the option to do so Try it for free or Start playing.
  4. Continue and you will be presented with payment terms and asked to confirm.
  5. Interestingly, there is no annual option when you first subscribe; It’s only $5 a month, but you can switch to the annual option if you go to Configuration on your iPhone or iPad, tap your account name at the top and choose Subscriptions (on Apple TV it’s at User and accounts). Select Apple Arcade and choose Annual Apple Arcade (1 year) to change. If you’re doing this on a Mac, you need to open the App Store app and click on your account name in the bottom left, then choose Account settings at the top, scroll down to click manageSearch Apple Arcade listed in your subscriptions, and click edit

Once subscribed, you can choose games through arcade tab in the App Store app. Content is organized into categories. You will find a list of graphics new games i The best arcade games. The latest additions here are Timeless classicswhich covers things like chess and solitaire, and Big ones from the App Storewhich lists games that are available in the App Store but usually have a price, ads, or in-app purchases.

Free trial and Apple One

Apple is offering anyone with an Apple device a free one-month trial of Apple Arcade. If you buy a new Apple device, you’ll often get a free three-month trial of Apple Arcade. It’s worth noting that if you cancel your free trial, you’ll lose access immediately. At the end of the free trial period, you will automatically be billed $5 per month unless you cancel your subscription.

You can also get Apple Arcade as part of an Apple One subscription. It starts at $15 a month and includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, and a few other services. Apple offers a one-month free trial of Apple One, but accepting that free trial will immediately end any other free trials of any of the included services.

Best Apple Arcade games

Apple via Simon Hill

When Apple Arcade first launched, it focused on exclusive games, but Apple changed its strategy last year. Now you’ll find several games that are also available on the App Store for a fee (including my favorite tower defense game), and some games that often have ads or in-app purchases. The Apple Arcade version of a game always has one + added to his name. Apple adds new games frequently, but also sometimes removes games. Here are some of the best games on Apple Arcade right now:

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