What is Marketing Automation?

Increasing brand visibility with marketing campaigns has become more difficult as potential customers are bombarded with numerous advertisements from all angles. The pressure on marketing teams to develop more meaningful, better and more original concepts than what their rivals are doing is growing. But running this on top of routine marketing tasks takes a lot of work.

One of the main issues facing many UK businesses today is the need for extra time for marketing teams to focus on the bigger picture. But technology, specifically marketing automation software, could hold the key.

Marketer using marketing automation tools

What is marketing automation?

The term “marketing automation” refers to software solutions that support businesses to automate their lead generation, sales engagement and ROI activities. Also, businesses can contact Chicago PR firms to automate PR tasks such as marketing automation to stand out in the marketplace.

As prospects move through the inbound marketing funnel, marketing automation steers them in the right direction. Therefore, your customers should be the main focus of your approach.

To better target your prospects with a marketing automation solution, you should thoroughly research your target market.

Elements of marketing automation

Marketers can generate results that demonstrate ROI because of the many practical benefits and capabilities of marketing automation, including:

1. Central Marketing Database

Your marketing information should be kept in a central database, such as specific leads, customer contacts and behaviours. You can segment your audience and send each consumer the right message. Think of it as a repository for all your marketing data.

2. Engagement Marketing Engine

The creation, administration and automation of engagement marketing activities and dialogues across online and offline media takes place within the engagement marketing engine environment.

3. Analytics

Analytics is a tool to evaluate, calculate and optimize marketing ROI and its effects on sales. You can receive accurate analysis on things that need improvement for an effective marketing strategy.

4. MarTech

MarTech is a collection of all the efficient, team-based, scalable marketing applications you need to help you achieve your goals. It’s the main area where you can use technology to stay in touch with your customers and facilitate marketing-sales alignment.

How does marketing automation work?

Reminders, follow-ups, reports, and writing emails are just a few of the manual, repetitive tasks that every marketing team goes through. These jobs are relatively easy, but they prevent you from completing the most important activities that can affect your bottom line.

You can set up these manual procedures once with marketing automation and then forget about them. You can focus on more important initiatives while letting your automated campaigns run in the background.

Marketing automation campaigns aim to increase sales by sending targeted material to potential customers based on their behavior and data. Finally, the sales team receives notifications from prospects who took action to follow up.

Automation of marketing campaigns

Importance of Marketing Automation

The process of generating leads is crucial to the expansion of any organization. Your team has more time to focus on overall strategy and nurture the leads that really show potential by automating many steps in the process, from marketing to sales. This results in more customers and prospects.

In addition, marketing automation can give you more detailed insight into the behavior of potential customers. For example, marketing automation software can help your marketing team determine a prospect’s interests and where they are in the buying journey through behavioral monitoring techniques such as following a customer’s journey user through your website. Then, based on those action points, they can tailor any follow-up.

Let’s take the scenario when a particular buyer reads about a large category of goods. This may mean they are beginning the research and comparison stages to create a short list for their purchase. If they subsequently download white papers on a specific topic, it may mean they have a longer attention span and are willing to talk to a sales assistant.

You can automatically score, qualify and prioritize leads by combining touchpoint data such as social media activity, website visits and downloads, and direct marketing. This, in turn, can motivate larger marketing initiatives such as:

  • Facebook and Twitter messages
  • Personalized emails
  • Based on triggers
  • Marketing messages based on triggers

Getting the most out of your marketing automation campaign

Marketing automation is most effective when it combines customer centricity, software, and strategy. With the help of actionable and highly personalized content, you can nurture leads and turn them into happy customers and loyal advocates.

Companies should integrate automation into all operations to eliminate silos and bring teams together using time-saving techniques to get the most out of marketing automation. For example, marketing automation can create a flywheel that keeps your business growing when combined with human interaction.

Instead of starting with your business requirements, focus on the consumer journey. With the help of marketing automation, develop processes that transition the customer from one touchpoint to another by identifying potential touchpoints.

A hands-on approach to marketing automation prioritizes tasks and streamlines deliverables to bring your teams together. For example, when a prospect responds to a message or email, automation assigns and alerts the sales agent, and the marketing team can maintain contact records. Customer Success is notified when the consumer makes a purchase and has access to all previous communications and actions the customer took prior to making the purchase. The procedure not only works smoothly and efficiently, but also fosters a lasting bond between the customer and the company.

Marketing team using marketing automation platform


For small businesses, marketing automation has the potential to be a game changer. It helps score, sort and nurture leads throughout the sales cycle, increasing conversions by targeting customers most likely to make a purchase. But more than that, it allows you to lead the life of your dreams. It frees you from all those pesky chores and catapults you to the major leagues.

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