What to Do With Your Old PlayStation 4

During the last year, more next-gen consoles are in the hands of gamers who had fought to get them. I was thrilled when I got my hands on a no-price retail PS5, and I’ve been living in a two-PlayStation household ever since. But I was sad that my PS4 had to sit idle after making room for its replacement.

My trusty PS4 had served me well for many years and had already upgraded its internal drive to an SSD during the PS5 dry season. Could you follow the actions of the masses and sell it? Yes, but how could I dishonor him so much? It still held great value to me, not just to others, and I knew there were many ways to continue to bring glory to my home as an emeritus console. If this sounds familiar, here’s how you can get the most out of yours.

Relocate it

If you have other TVs or monitors at home, moving your PS4 will be the precursor to the benefits I’ll explain below. I moved mine to my office where my gaming rig is also set up. I know more than a few people who have consoles in their bedrooms, which makes it easier to enjoy some games before bed. (Though, to be fair, screens and sleep are a bad combination.) The kid’s room, whose little inhabitants might not need the full power of a next-gen console, is another option . Maybe it becomes a portable console for family trips, or just for your own trips. Wherever you take it, you’ll still get a lot out of it.

Enjoy the benefits of PS Plus

If you have a PlayStation Plus membership, these benefits extend to your PS account, not just a single console. This means that your PS4, even if it’s not your primary console, can download and stream content while you’re connected to the same cloud you use on your primary PS5. Do you want to play it? Spider-Man: Miles Morales in your living room? Great! You can continue anywhere else on your PS4, with your save game intact.

Make it a PS5 Jr.

Following the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony added a direct-to-play feature to the PS4, giving you a second console to access content from your shiny new PS5. Using the Remote Play options in the system settings, you can pair the two consoles. I’m not going to lie, it’s not *perfect—*the controls aren’t exact—although I haven’t had much of a problem. Since you’ll be using a Sony DualShock 4 controller (or equivalent), it won’t have all the capabilities that the PS5 DualSense controller comes equipped with. But so far, apart from playing the flute in the PS5 edition The Ghost of Tsushimai have been fine

Make it a media player box

PS4 apps and games will still be downloadable for a long time, which means your media and streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+ and the rest can turn your PS4 into a powerful entertainment center for streaming and local content.

My favorite media app on the PS4 is Plex, which lets you connect to a local Plex media server (if you have one) to access all the content on your local network. Because I’m that level of geek, I’ve pulled most of my DVD/Blu-ray collection into a digital library that sits on a media server in my office. With Plex, all of that, plus other local videos I have (ok, it’s all jiujitsu instruction) are available to play on my PS4.

And it’s not just a video. The PS4 is also well-equipped to handle music and podcasts, including those soundtracks that came with your special edition game purchases that you can’t really easily transfer or play anywhere else (which is crazy, because it’s where you really want it). your car or on a CD or literally anywhere else).

But I digress.

Physical media isn’t off the table either. If you have your music, movies or even photos on external USB drives, you can just plug it in and play it. A word of warning: the PS4 does not support NTFS, the default file system used by Windows computers, so physical media will need to be formatted to FAT32 or exFAT before copying your music and movies And if you’re a fan of the disc who likes to listen to all the bonus audio tracks and bonus content on the disc, it’s still one of the best Blu-ray players you can get.

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