Which NFL teams are best fit for Broncos’ Russell Wilson?

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Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos appear headed for an offseason split. If the two sides indeed part ways — which is reportedly expected — which teams are the best fit for the 35-year-old quarterback?

Colin Cowherd explained which teams make sense and don’t make sense for Wilson on Thursday’s edition of “The Herd.”

Atlanta Falcons — Out

Colin’s thoughts: “They’re projected to have the No. 10 pick, so they’re gonna get a young, cheap quarterback for [head coach] Arthur Smith. They also have Taylor Heinicke under contract. My takeaway is get cheap at quarterback. Arthur Smith cannot inherit limitations on cap. I can build my offense … got a bunch of kid receivers and tight ends and backs, why not get another young guy to grow with them?” 

Chicago Bears — Out

Colin’s thoughts: “They got the No. 1 pick. There are better quarterbacks out there. Caleb Williams has a much higher ceiling, so does Drake Maye. And the truth is, a new coach is not gonna want to inherit an issue.”

Las Vegas Raiders — Out

Colin’s thoughts: “I think they’ve got to go get a quarterback. Russell’s already in the division. They’ve seen Russell Wilson. My takeaway is [head coach] Antonio Pierce has probably seen the film of him. They know him well, I doubt he’s going ‘Wow, get me that!’ What he’s worried about is Herbert and Mahomes. Plus, they got to get somebody that works with Davante Adams, who is very outspoken. If that thing went sideways, Davante Adams would call out Russ in a second.”

Minnesota Vikings — Out

Colin’s thoughts: “Kirk (Cousins) is loved in the building, and his numbers were fantastic before the injury. I look at this, and I say to myself, ‘If you’re going to go older, expensive quarterback, what about the guy everybody likes in the building? Why go outside the building?’ Everybody likes Kirk. People may have limitations, but everybody likes Kirk. Russell’s had three different coaches bail on him. If you’re going to have an older quarterback, why not the guy everybody loves?”

New England Patriots — Out

Colin’s thoughts: “It doesn’t feel like it would work. Although I will say this, if [Bill] Belichick stays, the young guy Mac Jones didn’t work, do you want an older guy? I don’t have any feeling for what they’re going to do. They are so Jurassic at offense. There’s nothing about that offense I like. … I have no feel for how they view offense, I don’t.”

New York Giants — Out

Colin’s thoughts: “They’re already paying Daniel Jones, and Daniel Jones, I think, has no market, so you can’t move that. So, they’re stuck.”

Pittsburgh Steelers — In

Colin’s thoughts: “In a weird way, it’s the only thing they’re missing. I would say they’re not paying those receivers anything. Offensive line’s got some cheap pieces. They’re at the No. 17 pick, so they’re not gonna get a quarterback. … They have some drama at wide receiver. Russell’s like head down, optimistic, follow rules, I think it kinda works.”

Which NFL Teams are the best fit for Broncos QB Russell Wilson?

Which NFL Teams are the best fit for Broncos QB Russell Wilson?

Seattle Seahawks — Out

Colin’s thoughts: “Not as long as [head coach] Pete Carroll’s there, so zero chance of that happening.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Out

Colin’s thoughts: “I think right now Baker (Mayfield) is the better quarterback. He was a No. 1 pick. I think Baker fits the Bucs, little bit of a chip on his shoulder, little bit of a rebel. I think that’s the Bucs, have always been a little bit of a pirate ship, little bit of a rebel, outside the lines. I think Baker fits there.”

Tennessee Titans — Out

Colin’s thoughts: “I think they’re gonna give Will Levis another year; I think they are. He’s a second-round pick; he costs them nothing. Malik Willis, they tried, it whiffed. What, you just acknowledge that Will Levis didn’t work? ‘So what you’re saying is we can’t figure quarterback out?’ By the way, they had (Ryan) Tannehill. They paid a fortune for a quarterback. Honest question: Doesn’t Will Levis probably deserve a full year of starting?”

Washington Commanders — In

Colin’s thoughts: “New owner, tons of cap space, they’ve got possession receivers that kind of work with Russ. He doesn’t throw the ball deep anymore. New coach. Again, in that division, how do you make a big leap? I don’t buy Sam Howell. He’s got a lot of those kind of garbage points when you’re trailing late.”

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