Who Came Up With the Brilliant Idea to Call May 4th Star Wars Day?

Today is May 4, also known as Star Wars Day among many fans of the space opera franchise.

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But how did this informal day of celebration come about?

Seconds Newsweekmuch of the credit should be given to the London afternoon news. On May 4, 1979, the newspaper congratulated Margaret Thatcher, then a candidate for prime minister, on winning the UK parliamentary election. Two years after the premiere of the first Star Wars movie (Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope), the publication decided to quarrel over one of the most prominent lines of the film: “May the force be with you.” Welcoming Thatcher, the headline read, “Let the room be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.”

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Although Newsweek admits that someone else may have created the pun before Evening news he did, arguing that the newspaper should be accredited to popularize it.

Interestingly, Star Wars creator George Lucas and his producer Lucasfilm are largely staying away from the official promotion of the festivities that take place every May 4th. Since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, however, Newsweek points out that the Star Wars The franchise has more actively accepted vacation absences, getting organized Star Wars-party parties and events at their theme parks and launching new ones Star Wars content on May 4th. Today, for example, The bad lotthe latest film in the franchise, will be released on Disney Plus.

Last month, the streaming service announced that it would celebrate Star Wars Day with a takeover of fan art. He also released a special Star Wars Day release called The force wakes up from a napwith popular The Simpsons character Maggie Simpson.

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