Wikipedia will stop accepting donations in cryptocurrency at the request of users

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Three months ago, the Wikipedia user community he asked on the platform stop accepting cryptocurrency donations . Users’ motives have to do with concern for the environment (it is well known that there are users who “mine” cryptocurrencies using a large number of energy-consuming computers) and that, by accepting payments in digital currencies, Wikipedia legitimized a system in which there are still scams and deceptions.

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The discussion began on a Wikipedia application page within Wikipedia, which was active from January 10 to April 12, 2022, and was attended by about 400 users. The page explains the arguments for and against the platform that accepts cryptocurrency payments:

“Common arguments in favor include: environmental sustainability issues, that accepting cryptocurrency is an implicit endorsement of the issues surrounding cryptocurrency and community issues with the reputational risk of the movement to accept cryptocurrency. Common arguments against include : the existence of less energy-consuming cryptocurrencies (proof of bet), that cryptocurrencies offer safer ways to give and participate in finance for people in oppressive countries, and that fiat currencies also have problems with environmental sustainability ” .

Wikipedia started accepting donations in cryptocurrency in 2014 using coins such as Bitcoin , Dogecoin , Ether i Litecoin . According to Web3 is Going Great, only 0.08% of donations received by the platform were made in cryptocurrency.

The platform’s official statement states: “The Wikimedia Foundation has decided to suspend the direct acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of donation. We began our direct acceptance of cryptocurrencies in 2014 at the request of our communities of volunteers and donors. We are making this decision based on recent comments from these same communities. Specifically, we will close our Bitpay account, which will eliminate our ability to accept crypto directly as a donation method.

“We will continue to monitor this issue and appreciate the feedback and consideration given to this evolving topic by people in the Wikimedia movement. We will continue to be flexible and responsive to the needs of volunteers and donors. Thanks again to all who have provided valuable ideas on this increasingly complex and evolving topic “.

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