Wolverine Worldwide Is Ready To Rebound 

Small-Cap Wolverine Worldwide is a profound value

The footwear business has been good Wolverine Worldwide (NASDAQ: WWW) and should continue to be good for the rest of the year. The company’s business is backed by secular trends that should keep growth in this year’s and next year’s teens, and there’s also an improvement in the forecast margin. Supply chain improvements and price action are expected to combine in the second half to drive EPA growth to the 20% year-over-year range, which is more than double what the S&P 500 aims to do. Trade at only 7.15 times your earnings and exceeding the Marketbeat.com Consensus, Wolverine Worldwide seems like a value to us. With a 2.2% dividend with a prospect of distribution growth, Wolverine Worldwide also looks like a good fit in a small-cap income portfolio, or also in any income portfolio.

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Wolverine Worldwide has a solid quarter in the first quarter

Wolverine Worldwide had a very solid quarter supported by the growth of its three channels. The company reported $ 614.8 million for a 20.4% gain that exceeded the Marketbeat.com consensus estimate by 150 basis points. The strength was supported by gains in both segments led by a 10.6% increase in Michigan Group sales. Excluding the impact of the purchase of Sweaty Betty, the company’s revenue grew by 9.9% and also helped to achieve a good result in the results. In terms of brands and channels, the company reports strong sales to all brands and channels and an increase in inventory of more than 50% that should maintain the sales momentum.

Turning to earnings, there is some bad news with margins, but it’s not as bad as it could be. The company reports a contraction in both gross and operating margin that reduced the final result. Adjusted gross margin was reduced by 180 basis points and operating margin by 210 basis points, but neither was sufficient to fully offset the strength of revenue. All in all, the $ 0.41 in EPS is up 2.5% from last year compared to the revenue gain of 20.4% and also surpassed the consensus by $ 0.02.

The targeting is also good if it is not enough to trigger a rise in price action now. The company is looking for revenue and earnings in tight ranks that allow for consensus and, in our view, leave room for positive surprises. As it stands, the company expects growth to slow down over 2022, but year-round results are expected to range between 15% and 18% with a slightly higher growth rate than gains as inventory flow improves.

“We’re excited for a good start to the year with revenue and earnings per share exceeding our expectations,” said Mike Stornant, executive vice president and chief financial officer. “Looking to the future, strong continued demand for our brands, combined with improved inventory flow, supports our year-round revenue reiteration and EPS guidance.”

Technical Perspectives: Wolverine Worldwide returns to support

Price action on Wolverine Worldwide has been on a steady downward trend since it peaked after the pandemic, but may have bottomed out. The formation of the candle has a long lower shadow that points to support at the $ 16.60 level, the lowest level since the bottom of the pandemic was induced. Assuming this bottom is maintained, we see the stock move sideways at these levels until a bottom and a base can be formed. Later in the year, if the improvement in the supply chain and margins materializes, we see that the action of prices resumes a rising course and possibly re-tests the maximums of COVID. Otherwise, the shares of this top-tier quality consumer business will become a deeper value and a higher return.

Wolverine Worldwide is ready to recover

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