World Cup 2022 odds: Lines for every team to win in Qatar

Hold on to your cleats, the World Cup is less than two weeks away!

This year’s tournament, normally played in the summer, will take place from November 20 to December 18 on FOX to account for the weather in Qatar. They say seven days without football wears you down, so any day away from the world’s biggest competition can feel like suffering. But don’t worry, soccer bettors, we’re here to whet your appetite by looking at the odds for each team in the tournament.

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The top three favorites are not a surprise like Brazil (+450 at FOX Bet), England (+500 on FOX Bet) i France (+550 at FOX Bet) are the three best teams in the world. Interestingly, all three have a chip on their shoulders with disappointing results in recent tournaments. France lost Swiss in the knockout phase of Euro 2020; England lost Italy in the finals of Euro 2020; Argentina defeated Brazil in the 2021 Copa America final.

These three teams certainly have something to prove.

Although reaching the knockout phase would be considered a success, the USMNT (+10,000) looking to reach the semi-finals for the first time since 1930. Meanwhile, Mexico (+15000) are aiming not only to make back-to-back last 16 appearances, but to go further than they have done since reaching the quarter-finals in 1986.

Let’s dive into all the action by looking at the updated post-draw odds for the 32 countries that have qualified for the World Cup (with all odds via FOX Bet).


Brazil: +450 (bet $10 to win $55 total)
England: +500 (bet $10 to win $60 total)
France: +550 (bet $10 to win $65 total)
Argentina: +550 (bet $10 to win $65 total)
Spain: +800 (bet $10 to win $90 total)
Germany: +1000 (bet $10 to win $110 total)
Portugal: +1200 (bet $10 to win $130 total)
Belgium: +1200 (bet $10 to win $130 total)
Netherlands: +1200 (bet $10 to win $130 total)
Denmark: +2800 (bet $10 to win $290 total)
Uruguay: +5000 (bet $10 to win $510 total)
Croatia: +5000 (bet $10 to win $510 total)
Swiss: +8000 (bet $10 to win $810 total)
Senegal: +8000 (bet $10 to win $810 total)
Serbia: +10,000 (bet $10 to win $1010 total)
Mexico: +15,000 (bet $10 to win $1,510 total)
Ecuador: +20000 (bet $10 to win $2,010 total)
United States: +20000 (bet $10 to win $2,010 total)
poland: +20000 (bet $10 to win $2,010 total)
wales: +25000 (bet $10 to win $2,510 total)
South Korea: +25,000 (bet $10 to win $2,510 total)
Japan: +25,000 (bet $10 to win $2,510 total)
canada: +35000 (bet $10 to win $3,510 total)
Cameroon: +35000 (bet $10 to win $3,510 total)
Ghana: +35000 (bet $10 to win $3,510 total)
the morocco: +35000 (bet $10 to win $3,510 total)
Australia: +50000 (bet $10 to win $5,010 total)
Qatar: +50,000 (bet $10 to win $5,010 total)
Tunisia: +50000 (bet $10 to win $5,010 total)
Iran: +75,000 (bet $10 to win $7,510 total)
Saudi Arabia: +75,000 (bet $10 to win $7,510 total)
Costa Rica: +75000 (bet $10 to win $7,510 total)

*Odds from 8/11/2022

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What else do you need to know about World Cup odds other than what can be seen on FOX Sports networks?

From a historical perspective, top-tier teams tend to perform well on the big stage. Since 2002, the winners have mostly been chalk: France in 2018 (fourth best odds), Germany in 2014 (second best odds), Spain in 2010 (best odds), Italy in 2006 (sixth best odds) and Brazil in 2002 (fourth best probability).

In that regard, FOX Sports soccer analyst Doug McIntyre believes that Germany (sixth best odds) is a play that deserves attention.

“From a pure value perspective, it’s impossible to ignore Germany at +1000,” he theorized. “For a four-time World Cup champion who is probably the hottest national team in the world right now – Die Mannschaft are unbeaten in 13 games since Hansi Flick took over a year ago – this is an incredible potential payment”.

“I think they have a better chance than England, who are somehow still at +500 despite their awful performance in June’s Nations League games.”

However, FOX Sports soccer analyst David Mosse believes there is a long shot he could explode on the scene, and not just because his nickname is Danish Dynamite.

“After reaching the semi-finals of the last European Championship, Denmark (+2800) is very capable of making a deep run in Qatar,” he explained. “The presence of Christian Eriksen means they are not only dark horses but also potentially the feel-good story of the tournament.”

So which team are you rooting for to win it all? As always, be sure to head over there Bet FOX to place your bets.

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