World Cup Now: Luka Modrić, Croatia again defy expectations

Croatia defeated Morocco 2-1 on Saturday in the 2022 FIFA World Cup third-place match. All three goals came in the first half, with Joško Gvardiol and Mislav Oršić scoring for Croatia, while Achraf De he hit Morocco’s only goal.

In the latest “World Cup Now,” Sacha Kljestan, Melissa Ortiz, Jimmy Conrad and DaMarcus Beasley break down Croatia’s run at this year’s World Cup.

Croatia vs. Morocco Highlights

Croatia vs.  Morocco Highlights

Sacha Kljestan he Luka Modrić’s future: I think whether this is his last game for Croatia or not, it’s nice to go out as a World Cup winner. To finish third is a tremendous achievement for this group of guys who not only did it at this World Cup but also at the last one, finishing second and then finishing third for a small country of four million people. . Very proud crusaders. I think they will be very happy with the results of the last four years. If you’re Croatian or if you’re a Croatian fan, you have to say that they’ve defied expectations, I think, going into the two World Cups.

Melissa Ortiz at importance of winning a match for third place: I’ve been in this situation before. Look how happy the Croats are right now. It’s such an incredible moment, spending a whole month at a World Cup in the biggest event of your life, of your career, and ending it at least on a sweet note whether you won or lost that game. . Yes, it is. bitter because you didn’t make it to the final, but at the end of this game we poured our hearts into this field. And I also remember when we lost, we lost 1-0 to South Korea. It was bitter. We were mad that we lost, but then when you walk into the locker room and you’re like [decompress], and you sit down, and you think about everything you’ve just done for yourself, for your country, for your teammates, for everything, it’s so unique. And they will celebrate this moment again.

Jimmy Conrad on the future of Croatia: They have been to the round of 16 three times in their history, and each time they have reached a semi-final, a final at the 2018 World Cup and now another semi-final where they finished third in this tournament. I think that speaks volumes for the quality of players they are producing, but they seem to be coming to the end of a golden generation. I know we’ve talked about Joško Gvardiol being a 20-year-old, but a lot of the other guys they’ve relied on for years are a bit older, so I’m curious to see how they transition. .

DaMarcus Beasley on Dominik Livaković as his goalie of the tournament: If you look at the games against Brazil and the saves he made, even tonight against Morocco, it’s his performance in the game that I think had the edge over any other goalkeeper in this World Cup.

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