Your Boss Doesn’t Want to Go Back to the Office Either

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It’s no secret that when it comes to going back to the office, many workers quarrel or quit smoking, including those responsible.

According to a new survey of CEOs of the Marcum-Hofstra mid-market, around 48% of CEOs return to the office five days a week, while 32% are in the office three days a week or less. Ten percent of CEOs work remotely five full days a week.

“Whether it’s concerns about COVID or the impact of inflation and gas prices, it seems clear that working remotely, and a hybrid schedule in particular, is the sweet spot for many CEOs and companies. said KG Viswanathan, interim dean of Zarb. Hofstra University School of Business, in a statement.

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The pandemic changed the way we think about work and going back to the ways before the pandemic may not be that simple. While some companies are asking workers to return to the office in a desperate attempt to “get back to normal,” others are completely rethinking the concept of work and prioritizing well-being over professional development.

Andrew Formica, a 51-year-old CEO of Jupiter Fund Management, announced he would step down from a $ 68 billion asset management fund after three years at work and a lifelong career in finance. .

“I just want to go sit on the beach and do nothing,” he told Bloomberg.

And Formica is not alone. CNN reports that nearly 70% of executives surveyed by Deloitte and Workplace Intelligence are “seriously thinking about quitting for a job that better supports their well-being,” and 81% also say improving their well-being is now more important than move on to work. .

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Whether it’s a change of priorities or a rising cost of living, “getting back to normal” can be a concept that never happens.

“Specific reasons may change over time, but I think this reflects a fundamental shift in the way Americans view work in the broader context of their lives,” Viswanathan said.

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