Your Customers Can Now Buy Items Right from Instagram Chat

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Small businesses can now allow their customers to make purchases directly from Instagram’s chat feature.

Your customers can now purchase items directly from Instagram chat

New features recently announced by Mark Zuckerberg include the ability to track an order and make purchases in chats. Qualified companies will be able to confirm purchases, create payment requests and collect payment.

New options for small business customers

The new ability to buy chats can only benefit small businesses that have a presence on Instagram. When an employer or employee chats with a customer, they can now allow the customer to make their purchase without leaving the chat.

Now, when a company receives a question about a product, they will be able to respond quickly and try to drive sales with direct communication and encouragement.

The same chat to talk, shop and follow up

On the About FB website, Meta explained the new features, saying, “Every week, a billion people send messages to a company in our app family, whether it’s chatting with brands, browsing products, asking for support, or interacting. We want to help people start conversations with companies that care about them and help them find and buy the products they like in an easy and perfect experience, right from the chat thread.That’s why today we present a new way to shop on Instagram, right where you chat. “

They also explained how it works, adding: “When you chat with a qualified small business on Instagram, you can now shop without leaving the chat. For example, if you’re interested in a backpack, just send a message to the company about the person you love. From here, you can chat about customizations, such as adding your initials, and then place your order directly in the chat. In this same chat thread, you will also be able to track your order and ask any tracking questions to the company.

“Finally, you can use Meta Pay to complete your purchases, making shopping even easier with just a few taps. And you can buy with confidence knowing that your payments are processed securely and that your purchases are protected. “

Meta also said that when companies are ready to set up their digital store, they can use Stores on Instagram and Facebook.

“As we look to the next chapter of the Internet and the metavers, we’re looking to give people more access to tools like chat payments that will make people’s lives easier.”

Set up an Instagram business account

With over a billion people using Instagram and most of them following at least one business account, it’s a valuable market that small businesses should take advantage of.

To create a Company account, you must first create a personal account and then change it to a “Professional account” using Settings or by clicking “Company” or “Creator” in your account.

Then you need to choose the category of your business and add the relevant details. Now all you have to do is research how to develop a winning marketing strategy on Instagram.

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